2015 Killington Stage Race report

I spent my Memorial Day weekend up in the Green Mountains of Southern VT racing the Killington Stage Race. This was my 2nd year doing this race, and I have to say it is a great weekend of riding bikes! I originally registered for the 4/5 Open Field, but due to popular demand, a separate 4/5 Masters field was formed. For KSR, and I believe GMSR as well, the Masters line is 33 instead of 35. Early last week I got an e-mail asking if I would like to switch from the Open to the Masters since I’m on the cusp of turning 33, so I made the switch. However, I knew I was still in for a tough weekend because the Masters are every bit as fast as the Open field, if not, faster.

Stage 1: Lookout Circuit Race
The opening stage of the race is an 18 mile loop that the 4/5 fields complete twice. The stage starts at the Skyeship Gondola, and is neutral for the first Km. Continue reading “2015 Killington Stage Race report”