Black Mountain 50k race report

It has been years since I’ve done a race report but I thought it would be fun and appropriate to do one for my first 50k ski race.

With temps in the teens and a howling wind, twas a bitingly cold and windy day to race my first ever 50k up at Black Mountain in Rumford, Maine last Saturday. The John Roderick Marathon is low-key affair and therefore perfect for first-timers, or so was my reasoning. But let me back up a bit.

Some of you may wonder how I got to Bikeway Source and why I am even racing skis and not bikes. For the 2015 season I signed for the Lupus Racing Team after an injury-marred 2014. However, the historic snowfall coupled with seeing first-hand how caring too much about bike racing literally destroy a friend’s life and family, I had no appetite to race bikes. Continue reading “Black Mountain 50k race report”